Life Insurance 101

Life Insurance shouldn’t be complicated.

But in today’s competitive markets there are so many options to choose from.

At Different Life we’ve tried to make insurance products as easy to understand as possible. So If you are currently considering any long-term insurance products we have developed these pages to help you through the process.

So where to begin?

Below is our easy to use insurance calculator, why not try it to get a sense of what your long term insurance needs might be?



Interesting articles on life insurance

Think you might need life insurance? Here are some questions to ask yourself.
If I were to die how would my dependants survive without my income? read more »
Things I wish I’d known before buying a house
Buying a house isn’t something you do every day, so when the time comes, it helps to have some inside information. read more »
A Few Questions to Help You Plan For Your Pregnancy
Although this list of questions may seem daunting at first, if you give yourself enough time to work through these questions, you should be sorted by the time your baby is born. read more »
Baby on the Way? How to Beat Budget Blues
Ask someone who has kids for advice, and most likely you’ll hear: “Your life will never be the same again.” But that statement is almost always quickly followed by: “But it’s so worth it!” If you’re having your first child and up until now, haven’t had to provide for anyone but yourself, there will be some big changes - especially in the way you spend your money. But with some careful planning, you won't be caught off guard. We compiled a list of things to help you get started. read more »
What is an accelerated funeral benefit?
It may come as a surprise, but a life insurance claim can often take up to a few months to pay out. So what about the funeral costs? read more »
Buying an underwritten policy? Answer all questions honestly and accurately. 
When buying a life insurance policy it is very important to answer all questions honestly and accurately. read more »
Determine whether or not you need life insurance
If I were to die how would my dependants survive without my income? What would happen to bond or rent payments, vehicle instalments or school fees? read more »
A Funeral Policy vs Life Insurance
A funeral policy is designed to pay out a quick amount of cash to cover the costs associated with a funeral. Life cover offers much higher payouts but doesn’t necessarily have the promise to pay-out as quickly. So how do you get the best of both worlds? read more »
Why does my premium increase when my cover doesn't. 
Many insurance policies have an increasing premium even though the cover amount doesn't change. Life insurance also gets more expensive as you get older; why would this be the case? read more »
What is a waiting period and why should you care? 
A waiting period is an amount of time where you pay a premium but don't yet have full cover. This is usually done to prevent people from buying a life insurance product when they suspect they might already be ill. read more »