The Different Creed


I will strive to be Different. I will never stop learning and I will not stand still. I will resist the temptation to do things “the way we have always done them”. I will always ask: “Is there another way? A better way. A more just way. – Does this maximise impact?” I will be motivated by impact before money. I will be motivated by growth before comfort.


I believe that together we can collaborate to be better than we previously were. I won’t just work on things that are assigned to me; I will actively seek out opportunities to get work done because I know that significant change comes from a series of small, goal-directed actions. No matter how far away the goal is the only way to get there is by determining the next action and taking the next step every single day.


On occasion I will fail because action is better than safety and fear of failure is debilitating. So I will be brave, I will take risks and I will make mistakes. I will own my mistakes – no matter what the consequence – because authority and accountability are two sides of the same coin. I will be strategically lazy: I will not allow the mundane to fill my time. I will seek out efficiencies to free me up to do what is important beyond what is urgent. I will pursue functional simplicity to propel our business forward.

Good Judgement

Our guiding policy is good judgement. By using good judgment we can overcome any obstacle we may face. No policy or procedure can replace the ability to judge what is right and action it with courage. No handbook can replace my own personal integrity. I will be guided by this and use this freedom to empower action and liberate my potential.


I will speak up, not out, because we are solution-oriented and find no value in complaining. I will communicate as much as possible, because it’s the oxygen of a responsive company and the key to remaining transparent.

Full Measure

We have a vision that is greater than what I can achieve alone and so together we will work towards changing South Africa first and then the world for the benefit of everyone. Our customers and our partners have placed their trust in us, nothing short of full measure will suffice.

Be Different

Impact is our ultimate goal. Given time, there is no problem that’s insurmountable. I will always remember that the difference I can make to the lives of others will determine the significance of the life I lead. I am part of a team and we are Different!