Terms and conditions

These terms and conditions govern Different Life policies which are underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer. The contracting parties are:

  • Financial Service Provider (FSP) - Different Life (Pty) Ltd)

  • Underwriter - Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited (OMART)

Different Life

Different Life (Pty) Ltd (Different Life) is an authorised financial services provider (FSP Number: 45453), licensed by the FSCA (Financial Sector Conduct Authority) to supply long-term insurance products, categories A and B.


Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, is an authorised long-term insurer and member of the Old Mutual Group.

Policy & Product Terms

The best way to understand our terms and conditions is to look at our policy wording. Here are links to draft policy documents for each product that we sell so that you know exactly what you are buying. Each Policy document includes information on Product Benefits, Premium Refunds, Rewards, Waiting and Guarantee Periods, Cancellations and Cooling-off Periods and anything else that you need to know about how we will engage with you.

  1. Fully Underwritten Benefits - Sample Policy Document
    • Life Cover
    • Salary Protection
    • Disability Cover
    • Critical Illness Cover
  2. Different Life Funeral Cover - Sample Policy Document

Application process

Different Life distributes OMART insurance products through a Contact Centre as well as a fully transactional online platform. Accordingly, subscription for an insurance policy is done by way of either a voice recording (telephonic conversation) or online application (Application). By subscribing for an OMART policy through Different Life (Policy), you agree to be bound by Different Life’s Terms and Conditions. You will capture Personal Information as part of the application process, this information will be handled in accordance with the Different Life Privacy Policy.Once your Application has been submitted to Different Life, Different Life will evaluate your Application and verify the information provided, where possible, to ensure that the details, including banking details for processing debit order deductions for payment, are correct and pertain to you as an applicant. You will have the opportunity to review the Application and correct any mistakes in your Application. Once Different Life has received the Application and processed the subscription for the Policy, you can cancel the Policy at any time by sending an email to:  info@differentlife.co.za. On cancellation of the Policy, no further payments will be collected but you, the policyholder, will continue enjoying cover beyond cancellation notification date where payment has already been made by you.

Buy online discounts

If you were offered an online-only discount, the discount is subject to you completing the quotation process and purchasing the policy online. If you should choose to complete your process with the assistance of one of our consultants, the discount will unfortunately no longer be available.

Premium payment

The Premiums, as specified in your policy documentation, will be collected on behalf of OMART by Different Life in respect of the Policy. You agree that you will pay the Premium, on the specified date(s), and authorise Different Life to debit your bank account on a monthly basis, using the bank account information provided in your Application, for the payment of the Premium. Premiums will be payable monthly in advance from the date of inception of the Policy and the monthly obligation to pay the Premium shall endure for so long as your Policy remains in force and effect.

Premium Escalation

Premiums will increase by the percentage selected (default 6%) annually for the first 5 years, after which, subject to a premium review, it may increase by more.

Different Donation 

As part of its strategy to maximise impact, you may choose to opt in to become a Different Life philanthropist. As a policyholder you can agree to donate your first and every anniversary payment to a charity project of your choice featured on the philanthropic crowdfunding platform, Different.org. You agree that you will pay the Different Donation, on the specified date(s), and authorise Different Life, on behalf of the Different Foundation, to debit your bank account as agreed, using the bank account information provided in your Application, for the payment of the Different Donation. The Different Donation will be payable annually from the date of inception of the Contract and the obligation to pay the Different Donation shall endure for so long as your Contract remains in force and effect. Provided your Different Donation is successfully collected, you will continue to enjoy your usual full cover (even though only 11 premiums are paid per year). In addition to this, every time a person you refer makes their first payment in respect of their Contract, you will qualify for another Different Donation with Different Life allowing you to donate more through Different.org. The additional Different Donation, once successfully collected, is loaded into your Different.org wallet where it is available to be allocated to a project of your choice on the Different.org philanthropic crowdfunding platform. Should you not allocate your Different Donation within 45 calendar days of it being available in your user wallet, we reserve the right to allocate your Different Donation to any of the projects on Different.org. In the event that the full fundraising target amount for your chosen project is not met within the specified time, you may be required to re-allocate your Different Donation to another project featured on Different.org.

Waiver and indemnity

In the event that you suffer loss or damage of any nature due to Different Life acting on your orders or communications, or orders or communications that purportedly emanate from you, you waive any right to take action against Different Life. Furthermore, you indemnify Different Life against all and any claims, liabilities, losses, costs, fines, damages and expenses arising because Different Life acted on your instructions or orders or instructions or orders which purportedly emanate from you.


All models depicted in our advertising have no material relationship to any brand or person mentioned in our advertising. Premiums shown in our advertising are estimates based on assumed risk factors. The actual premium for your policy will be based on your risk profile, which will be assessed at the time of quotation.

Insurance Calculator

Different Life’s FSP licence conditions stipulate that the company may not provide financial advice as defined by the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act (FAIS). Our Life insurance calculator pulls together your current and long-term financial commitments and presents them in a manner that allows you to get an idea of obligations you or your loved ones would be left with were each of the insured events to happen. These indicative numbers are meant to give you reasonable and relevant information to allow you to make an informed decision about the life insurance products you need to take. If, however, you are not comfortable making your own decision based on all information at hand, then we advise that you contact a financial advisor.