Who is Different?

Life insurance is not the easiest thing to talk about. It implies loss. Hard times. Tough decisions. We know that – that’s why we want to become a valuable partner in your life. To take care of your needs through the unexpected. This privilege is not lost on us.

We undertake to deliver the best possible service

And to make life insurance simple, inexpensive, effective. Using a unique online platform, we offer life insurance with a difference. We take full advantage of technology. We enable anybody at any time to get a comprehensive range of insurance products with just a few clicks. From getting a quote to purchasing a policy, the whole process is friendly and easy to use.

And there’s more

We believe that buying a life insurance policy through Different Life is something you should feel good about. Not just because you’re protecting your loved ones, but because you’re joining us in impacting someone else’s life. Your first monthly payment – and the first payment every subsequent year – will become a Different Donation, allocated to a charity of your choice through Different.org.
Here’s another innovation: if you refer a friend or family member to Different Life and they buy a policy as a result of your referral, you will automatically be rewarded with another Different Donation: another monthly payment to donate on the Different.org site.

You can buy a policy from start to finish online

But don’t worry – we’re not letting robots take over everything. At least not just yet. Maybe you have questions. Maybe you just want to chat. No problem – our consultants are available to assist through LiveChat. It’s right there, at the bottom right corner of every page. So talk to us. We’d love to hear from you.
Different Life is an authorised financial services provider (FSP 45453). Different Life policies are underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, an authorised insurance company in the Old Mutual Group. Different Life is wholly owned by Different Group whose aim is to maximise impact, not profit.

Maximising impact, not profit

A life insurance policy purchased through Different Life means you’re taking care of your loved ones while also changing the world. But let’s unpack that. Here’s why buying life insurance from us makes sense:

  1.  You’re buying from a trusted name
  2. The Different Life policy is underwritten by Old Mutual Alternative Risk Transfer Limited, an authorised long-term insurer and member of the Old Mutual Group. This means you’re partnering with a reliable, stable insurance brand that’s been around the block, and who you can rely on.

  3. You become an instant philanthropist
  4. We’re all about maximising impact, not profit. When you buy a Different Life policy, your first payment of every year will go to an NGO of your choice on the Different.org crowdfunding platform. While you look after your family’s future, you’ll also make a difference in someone else’s life.

  1. It’s simple
  2. We don’t do fancy or frilly – we’re all about no-nonsense quality. With this in mind, our policies are simple to understand and easy to use.

  3. We love technology
  4. To us, technology makes the life insurance process less complicated, and it keeps you in the loop too. That’s why you can get a quote, buy a policy and manage everything online with just a few clicks.

  5. We’re there for you
  6. You’re an individual. Shouldn’t your life insurance reflect that too? We tailor every single policy to suit your specific needs, priorities and lifestyle.