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Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance lets you look after your loved ones even when you are not there to do so.
But who needs life insurance and how much?

Making Life Insurance easier

We use technology to make buying and managing your long term insurance policies
straightforward and easy to use.

What makes us Different?

We take the grudge out of Life Insurance by giving you something to feel good about.
We call this the Different Donation and it is going to change the world.

total R10.4M

The Different Donation

Powered by Different Life

The Different Donation supports the following categories


Education projects from early childhood development to tertiary education. We support projects that shape our collective future.


Poverty Alleviation

We are a country with enormous inequality. Poverty is a trap and in a low emloyment environment it is not easily escaped. We support projects that help those in need.


Job Creation

South Africa needs to create jobs and a lot of them. We support projects that create jobs by empowering entrepreneurship.



From cats to elephants we support projects that look after the our wildlife and the environment.



Being poor shouldn’t mean you don’t have access to healthcare. We support projects that deliver healthcare to the people who need it most.



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You have not lived today until you have done something for someone who can never repay you

John Bunyan