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Your Different Life policy can help change South Africa. How? Join and your first payment of every year will go to a charity of your choice on It costs you nothing extra and doesn’t affect your cover in any way.



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Why Life Insurance?

Life insurance lets you look after your loved ones even you are not there to do so.
But who needs life insurance and how much?

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We use technology to make buying and managing your long term insurance policies
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What makes us Different?

We take the grudge out of Life Insurance by giving you something to feel good about.
We call this the Different Donation and it is going to change the world.

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Companies that #doDifferent

Here you can find a list of South African brands with a comprehensive approach that encompass ethical sourcing, sustainable materials, support local communities, and eco-friendly manufacturing - redefining the way we spend and safeguard the planet for future generations.

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