Buying life insurance need not be complicated, in fact you can get insured right now by following our easy online process. It should only take 15-20 minutes and there is no need for a medical (perhaps only a finger prick test). That doesn’t mean we have taken any shortcuts, in fact our online underwriting system allows us to offer you a price determined by your unique profile. Because we don’t like to hide anything in pages of fine print, what you will find is a transparent and user friendly process that makes buying life insurance as straightforward as it can possibly be and at the end of the process we will send you the answers to all of your questions for you to review.

So start the process now, you might be surprised how easy it is to get insured.

Oh and one more thing, you will be given the opportunity to join Different.org at absolutely no extra cost to you. If you, like us, want to make a real positive change in South Africa, then please join and we will give you your first premium of every year to donate to a charity project of your choice on Different.org. We know that sounds a little crazy but it is true. Learn More by watching the video below or visit Different.org to see how the Different.org members are changing South Africa.

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Only by giving are you able to receive more than you already have

Jim Rohn