Frequently asked questions

  • What is Life Insurance?

    Life insurance is a contract you enter into with a Life Insurer. In the event of a valid claim, your insurer promises to pay out a pre-determined amount of money (details included in your policy document) to your nominated beneficiaries when you pass away. You hold up your end of the bargain by paying the insurer a monthly premium in exchange for the cover they’ve granted you.

  • Do I need Life Insurance?

    The simple answer to that question is can we ask you another question?

    If you passed away today, are there people in your life that are going to suffer financially? Only you know the answer to that question, and if it’s a YES, make sure you get in touch with us today.

  • Am I eligible for Life insurance?

    Anyone between the age of 18 and 65 is eligible to apply for Life Insurance, but the offer of cover will be based on a medical and lifestyle risk assessment.

  • How much Life insurance is enough?

    It depends on a few things, some examples are as follows:

    • How much outstanding debt needs to be settled when you pass on? 
    • How much income will your family need every month (after the debt is settled) to cover monthly expenses you used to pick up? 
    • What about future education costs? 
    • Are other costs like Estate Duty, Executors fees and Capital Gains Tax going to be applicable on your passing?

    We always suggest that you start with our online calculator. It takes the guesswork out of things, and that way you only end up paying for the cover you really need. 

  • What is a beneficiary?

    A beneficiary is a person (or persons) you’ve nominated in your contract (policy document) to receive the proceeds of your life insurance payout when you pass away.

  • How do I choose a beneficiary?

    You can pick anyone you like as a beneficiary.

    In fact, you could nominate several beneficiaries on your policy and split the proceeds of your payout up evenly.

    If you’re married, you would generally leave the proceeds of your policy to your partner so they can sort out the family’s financial affairs. Just something to consider: if you don’t nominate a beneficiary, the proceeds of your life insurance will be paid into your estate.

  • What happens if I am unable to afford my premium?

    You need to get in touch with us immediately. We don’t want your policy to lapse because that will mean that your cover is forfeited.

  • How is my life insurance premium calculated?

    Premiums are calculated using several factors to determine your risk profile namely-age, gender, health and lifestyle.

  • How do I get a quote?

    Get a quote online and take out cover without having to ever talk to a consultant over the phone. Or, you could give us a ring, and one of our authorised consultants will be happy to provide you with a quick quote.

  • Can I manage my policy online?

    Sure you can. In fact, you can alleviate a whole bunch of admin by making all types of changes to your policy online. Need an example? How about changing your banking details, adding a new beneficiary to your policy and requesting a top-up on your life cover. Easy Peasy.

  • What else other than life insurance does Different Life offer?

    We offer a wide range of products you can bolt onto your life policy or take out as stand-alone cover.

  • How does someone claim?

    An individual acting on the behalf of the policyholder or the claimant, provides the applicable documentation and the claim will be processed. You can rest assured that all claims will be handled in a professional manner with sympathy and respect during your loved ones’ difficult time. Claim documents should be emailed to

  • Can I combine products?

    Yes a variety of products can be simultaneously bought, or added using your online account.

  • When will the policy cover begin?

    Cover commences once the policy has been approved and the first premium has been collected.

  • Am I able to increase my cover?

    Yes, you can increase the amount of cover at any time, pending approval.

  • How do I change or add a beneficiary?

    Making amendments to your policy can be done by logging into your online account.

  • Who are Different Life’s partners?

    In order to complete the administration of your policy, we need to store, process and share your personal information with our partners including our Medical Testing partners, Re-insurers and Underwriters. We may also share or request information from registered credit bureaus.