Salary Protection

What does my Salary Protection do?

Different Salary Protection will pay you a monthly income if you are disabled through illness or injury and are unable to work.

The payments will start after you have been off work for 3 months and will be limited to 75% of your after-tax income immediately before you became disabled. For the first 12 months after you go off work, we will consider your specified occupation when assessing your ability to work.

Once the first 12 months have passed, we will better understand your situation, and we will also look at alternative occupation in which you could work, and to which you are suited by skill, education and training. On confirmation of a disability your monthly benefit will be payable until you recover, turn 65 or die, whichever comes first Salary Protection claims will be evaluated on behalf of OMART by the appointed medical team, using industry best practice to assess your disability.

What does my Salary Protection not cover?

  • Active participation in war, civil commotion, insurrection, riot, usurpation of power, terrorism or acts of terrorism 
  • Intentional or gross negligent self-inflicted injury to provide adequate medical evidence/proof of continuing disability 
  • Failure to follow reasonable medical advice to prevent, minimise or repair the disability 
  • Excessive consumption of alcohol, intentional inhalation of fumes, intentional or negligent consumption of: poisons, drugs, narcotics or medication (unless prescribed by an independent medical practitioner and used as prescribed) 
  • You are not covered for claim(s) arising from cosmetic or elective surgery unless those claims arise due to complications of the surgery. 
  • You are not covered for claim(s) arising from routine pregnancy or maternity leave or where you have voluntarily elected to terminate pregnancy, unless those claims arise due to complications.

What can my Salary Protection be used for?

Protecting your salary so that you can continue to pay the bills even when you can’t work.

How much salary protection can I buy?

Depending on your income, you can qualify for Salary Protection up to 75% of your after-tax salary, if you’re earning between R 5 000 and R 90 000 per month.

When does my Salary Protection expire?

Salary Protection expires when you turn 65, retire or die, whichever occurs first.

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