Disability Cover

What does my Disability Cover do?

Different Disability Cover will provide a single payout in full if you are totally and permanently unable to perform your insured occupation (and any similar occupation to which you are suited by skill, education and training) due to a disability through illness or injury.

What can my Disability Cover be used for?

It’s your choice how you spend the money. You can use it to:

  • Settle family debts or other outstanding money that you owe.
  • Pay for medical bills, school fees and more.
  • Adjust your lifestyle to accommodate the disability.
  • Provide an investment income for recurring expenses such as medical expenses or living costs.

What does my Disability Cover not cover?

  • If you are injured while actively participating in war, civil commotion, insurrection, riot, usurpation of power, terrorism or acts of terrorism.
  • If you are disabled because of an intentional or grossly negligent self-inflicted injury.
  • If you fail to follow reasonable medical advice to prevent, minimise or repair the disability.
  • If you are disabled due to excessive consumption of alcohol, intentional inhalation of fumes or intentional or negligent consumption of: poisons, drugs, narcotics or medication (unless prescribed by an independent medical practitioner and used as prescribed).
  • Certain specific exclusions (which will be very clearly communicated during the process of buying a policy) based on your health or your lifestyle.

How much Disability Cover can I buy?

Depending on your income, you can qualify for Disability Cover of between R100 000 and R10 million.

When does my Disability Cover expire?

Expires when you turn 65, retire or die, whichever occurs first.

How can I customise my Disability Cover?

You can add on to your Disability Cover with our Double Accident and Guaranteed Insurability Benefits.

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