A Few Questions to Help You Plan For Your Pregnancy

Although this list of questions may seem daunting at first, if you give yourself enough time to work through these questions, you should be sorted by the time your baby is born.

1)  Admin and finance-related (pre-baby)

  • Medical aid
    • Do you have medical aid? What pregnancy-related benefits do they offer on your chosen option? Additional costs: gynae visits - frequency, and cost per visit?
  • Emergency savings
    • Set some savings aside in the event that you need to go on maternity leave earlier than expected (aim for a month or two)
  • Budget

2) Baby supplies

3) Hospital-related questions

  • Will you have a C-section or a natural birth?
  • If you decide on a c-section, find out if your gynaecologist charges medical aid rates. Also find out about additional specialist-related costs that are incurred.

4) Once your baby is born

  • Add baby to your medical aid plan
  • Register with the Department of Home Affairs within 30 days

5) Maternity leave and UIF

  • What does your contract entitle you to?
  • What is the salary arrangement for the period of maternity leave you’re entitled to?
  • What happens if you decide not to return to work after maternity leave?

6) Other important admin to do



Posted in Insurance 101 on 09 Apr, 2018