Insurance 101

Which is best - Life Insurance or Funeral Cover?

First of all ask yourself, which of the two is the least hassle?

  • Buying four funeral policies - R50, 000 each and R200, 000 in total - with zero medical questions, or
  • Buying one life insurance policy of R200, 000 with medical questions.

Funeral cover wins hands down, right? We don’t think so, but a surprisingly large amount of people do. Here’s why:

  • No chance of them rejecting your application because of your “sugar” problem.
  • No chance of them saying. “Sorry, we’re not paying your claim because you didn’t tell us…”
  • And if you need more funeral cover, you just buy more. The great thing about...
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Calculate the Costs

Calculations are a part of our daily lives, whether it is figuring out how long it’ll take you to get home from work or what time you need to wake up to make sure that everyone gets out of the house on time in the morning. But have you ever stopped to think about the calculations that you don’t want to make: how will your family get by without you if you should pass? Can they afford to continue living the lifestyle that they currently do? Can they afford for you not to think of these calculations?

Here are some examples of the why you should calculate how much life insurance you and your famil...

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How much Life Cover do you need?

How do you estimate the perfect amount of life cover for you?  Is it really possible to quantify your living standards and life-stage changes; and to factor in economics and surprises?

What is my life worth? The answer may be simply a numerical estimation, but it is possible to represent your life on paper; enough to give a good idea of how much a family might need to adapt to unthinkable loss.

If you have carefully considered your debt holdings, monthly fixed and variable expenses and income sources, then the right amount of cover should be obvious, right?.  The rule of thumb is never to gues...

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The History of Life Insurance

"The Thin Man sits at Ragman Harbour in Braavos, across the sea from the famed seven kingdoms.  Bent and grey, he lounges under a dirty tent, chewing on tobacco and slurping down fresh oysters; glaring condescendingly at the working class scuttling around the harbour. He sells insurance to merchant ships, sailors who may never return from the treacherous seas beyond the horizon. More often than not, the families never receive a penny of that payout and the Thin Man grins, mercilessly ordering beatings of any families who try to claim their rightful inheritance." - from Game of Thrones Season ...

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Thinking About Life Insurance?

They say when the conversation turns to the weather or life insurance, it is time to go. Nobody wants to think about death or taxes either. So how do we push past the yawn and start to think about life insurance a little differently; and why do we need life insurance in the first place?

Life insurance is essentially a fallback. A financial cushion in lieu of a tragic event that could occur unexpectedly in your life; such as the death or disability of yourself or one of your family members. This life insurance stands as a protection against financial loss; minimising the financial impact on a f...

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