Accidental products

If for any reason you don’t qualify for our primary products (Life Cover, Disability Cover and Salary Protection), you may still have the option to purchase the Accident-Only variations of these products. If this is the case it will be clearly stated and the products you see will be: Accidental Death Cover, Accidental Disability Cover or Accidental Salary Protection. This means that accidental products will cover you only for claims arising from injury (accident).
If you do NOT qualify for Critical Illness Cover, you may be eligible for Cancer-Only Critical Illness Cover, where you’ll only be insured for cancer.

How much Accidental Cover can I qualify for?

Accidental Death Cover:             R 5 000 000 (R 5 million)
Accidental Disability Cover:        R 5 000 000 (R 5 million)
Accidental Salary Protection:     R 45 000
Cancer Cover:                              R 2 500 000 (R 2.5 million)

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